Q & A

Q: How long will it take to get my custom made jewelry?
A: Since it is a custom made piece, please allow approximately 4-5 weeks for delivery. If you need your order sooner, you can get in touch directly at shop@jerardalake.com we would be happy to work with your needs!
Q: My bronze jewelry is turning my skin green. Why is this happening and what can I do?
A: Some people have strong reactions to bronze especially on the fingers depending on their own ph, while others have no reaction at all; everyone's skin is different. If you are susceptible to these reactions, we suggest purchasing sterling silver jewelry or gold pieces. 
Q: I own a gold plate piece of jewelry of yours, but it feels like the color is starting to fade a bit. Why is that, and is there anything I can do to make it bright again? 
A: Pieces with gold plate commonly fade over time at which point we recommend sending it to us for a quick replating!